Jan 20

photo7When the 5 Icon dock came out it was a big hit, more icons, that was awesome! Now when the 5 Column icons came out, it was manual, and very risky! You had to use Mobile Terminal, But now all you need is to download a app, and you got it! Read more to get the link to the video review!

Video Tutorial From Alexosh1234

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9 Responses to “5 Column Springboard (EASY)”

  1. robin Says:

    Does this not work with any winterboard themes for the keyboard?

  2. Rafael Says:

    Why can’t I get this??

    When I try to add the source ( cy.sosiphone.com ) cydia says that the source could not be found

    Then I realized that I already have the source but I can’t find the package… Does anyone know why???

  3. Rafael Says:

    I’ve tryed to refresh and everything else….

  4. 5 Colonne sulla Springboard il video tutorial | AppleGeneration Says:

    […] : iphonefreakz Leggi il […]

  5. ahu125 Says:

    it should cause i have a keyboard theme.

  6. ahu125 Says:

    maybe try uninstalling the source and doing it again

  7. ahu125 Says:

    after you install it, it automatically resprings, and then its there

  8. Podesta Says:

    I actually did that….

    Beacuase this source is avaliable as a package in the repositories folder…

    I did unistalled and installed again….

    But didn’t work either… :(

  9. Podesta Says:

    Ohhh I got it :) :) :)

    I installed a new source that came up on “changes” and after the refresh…
    the package was there…

    Thanks for the help anyway….

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