Jan 08

We all know about the uwatchapp.com and postpublic.com, which provides iPhone/iPod Touch users with Free movies, right? Well, wouldn’t it be nice to have T.V. Shows done the same way? Now there is! You can go to 3Click TV which provides you with FREE Television shows, and the quality is to die for! The best part is this can be accessed on your computer, without you being rick roll’d :) For more information please go inside to get the link to Jima6636’s Video on it!

Video Link

Jima6636’s Channel


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13 Responses to “FREE T.V. For iPhone/iPod Touch”

  1. giancarlo Says:

    :grin: this is awesome. works excellent on 3g!
    thanks for the tip!!!

  2. Jon Raccah Says:

    this is really cool and i can see all the videos the only problem i have is they take forever to load and all ways stall in the middle of playing to load again. is this a problem with my phone? does anyone else have is problem?

  3. Mitch Says:

    Looks like they have pulled the iphone feature :(

  4. iVin Says:

    Can’t watch it on my iPhone anymore either :roll: Too bad :sad:

  5. robin Says:

    thats to bad
    i thought if finally found something to watch while im fishing
    anybody knows other links to watch things like this on the iphone

  6. Cos Says:

    This was great, shame can no longer access it :(
    Is there anything else like this available for FREE?
    other than iplayer of course :P

  7. Celly Says:


  8. owenroony Says:

    thanks thanks thanks

  9. Braden gosson Says:


  10. irfan Says:

    thank you

  11. Dylan Says:

    It might be your Internet.

  12. Lisa Says:

    If you download the free app iwoopie you can then download tv shows or music vids on to your iPod touch, then view them without the use of the Internet, so basically what evers on YouTube you can have, without needing to be online. Theirs a wide range of comedy tv and stuff to get, FREE, some times it will say that a vid can’t be downloaded but I’ve found that with a little persictance most of them will work :)

  13. Rose Says:

    I don’t get it! I try to look up tv series but it doesn’t work! I tried to look up castle or bones episodes but it only showed random things completely off topic. Help

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