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Sidebar and HomeScreen 2.0 are two widgets available in Cydia via the Touch-Mania source. I gave a preview to Sidebar here on 14th December. Basically what it does is shows the analogue version of the time, the current month’s calendar with the current date highlighted and finally the weather. HomeScreen 2.0 shows the date, weather, missed calls, new emails, RSS feeds and more. Read more inside!


As described before it shows the analogue version of the time, the current month’s calendar with the current date highlighted and the weather all on a bar down the right side of your screen on your springboard. To make this work it is activated via Winterboard. You must make sure Sidebar(Part 1) is at the top and then Sidebar(Part 2) is under that and then Sidebar(Part 3) under Sidebar(Part 2). Otherwise the sidebar will not work.

To change the weather location all you have to do is:

  • Log in to your iPod Touch / iPhone via SSH (WinSCP, Cyberduck etc.)
  • Move to /Library/Themes/Sidebar(Part 1) and open the Weather-Config file.
  • Search: var locale = “Dusseldorf, Germany” (Line 6) and replace it to your City. The first word is the city, the second the country.
  • Respring and it will show the weather information on you chosen city in the sidebar.

One bug with Sidebar is that over the carrier signals there is a ‘?’ but Sidebar is in beta and a new update is coming in January 2009.

HomeScreen 2.0

When you install this it automatically installs StatusNotifier as well. To make HomeScreen 2.0 work fully you will need all of the notifications turned on. Again HomeScreen 2.0 is activated via Winterboard. You will need to check ‘HomeScreen_2.0English’ and ‘Lock Status’. It doesn’t matter which order they are in.

You will notice when activated that there is two dates showing on the lockscreen. To fix this:

  • Download this file:
  • Unzip the File and login via SSH (Winscp, Cyberduck etc.)
  • Make a Backup of the file System/Library/Frameworks/UIKit.framework/DateFormats/en.plist (e.g. rename the file)
  • Replace the file : System/Library/Frameworks/UIKit.framework/DateFormats/en.plist
    with the file, you downloaded before.
  • Respring and then you are done.

To change the weather location for HomeScreen 2.0:

  • SSH into /Library/Themes/HomeScreen_2.0ENG.theme/Â
  • Open the ‘configureMe.js’ File
  • Find this: var locale = “ASI|PH|RP073|MANILA”
    and replace ASI|PH|RP073|MANILA with your City:
    For example, for me it was: var locale = “South Shields, UK”
    The first word is the City and the second is the country.
  • That’s all. Just respring.

To view the whole month just tap the date and to see more information on the weather just tap on the weather section.


To install the Touch Mania source in Cydia go to Home –> More Package Sources –> Touch-Mania. Then just tap install in the top right.


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28 Responses to “Cydia – Sidebar and HomeScreen 2.0 Widgets”

  1. needhelp Says:

    how do you search var locale and replace it? when i open it on my mac it just opens as a safari document and is unchangeable. Help

  2. Matthew Says:

    You need to open it with a text editing program. I don’t have a mac but on Windows it would be like wordpad.

  3. Jason Says:

    Hi, I have this installed, but am stuck on the duplicate date thing.

    I see no en.plist in that directory. Closest thing is es.plist.

    This is firmware 2.2.1.

  4. Jason Says:

    Never mind. Worked after a reboot. The en.plist file never existed to begin with though, so I assume to get it back, we just delete the en.plist file we placed there.

    Thanks for this tutorial, it was just what I was looking for.

  5. Jason Says:

    The only annoying thing I have noticed, with this lock screen setup, is that when your phone rings, you get text that is cut off, near where the “original” date used to be. I’m not sure if this is caused by getting rid of the “original” date, or if it has something to do with HomeScreen.

    Any ideas?

  6. Jason Says:

    An easier thing for those people that don’t like to mess with files and what not, to get rid of the double date on the lockscreen:

    Install Invisible Date (for your language) from the repository. Just deleted my en.plist file, and the date came back, installed the Invisible Date app for US, and the date is gone.

  7. RDL Says:

    I wish this question was answered by now because I’m wondering the same thing. I hate uninstalling HomeScreen but this problem is bothers me. We all install things like Homescreeen because we like things that are pleasing to the eye and this bug is NOT so it should have been fixed by now. Hoping it is and I’ll find the answer sometime soon!

  8. RDL Says:

    JUST installed this and it worked perfect. THANK YOU so much for the easy fix! That double date had to go! lol

  9. RDL Says:

    I changed it so that my cities weather would show and not Manila (or wherever the original location was) BUT a second or two before my phone updates instead of showing the last available weather for my city it still shows the last temp for the original location (Manila) … anyone know how to completely make Homescreen forget that info and never show it again?

  10. Jason Says:

    Hey RDL, looks like we are about the only ones here! There is a way to fix this, by editing a file, I believe, LockScreen.html, but I’ll have to wait until I get home to verify that. Basically, there is a margin that you have to shift by a little bit (the space that was taken up by the original date).

    There is a good thread here in a forum. It looks like HomeScreen came out of this LockWidget thing a while back. If you dig long enough, you may be able to find the file and text that must be edited to fix your problem. The way they fix it in the first post, is to download a file, although, I’m not sure I’d want to try that.

  11. RDL Says:

    Jason, I’m so glad your still around and you took the time to help me out! I followed the simple directions and now everything looks beautiful. Thanks to you I can now fully enjoy HomeScreen 2.0.

    A millions thanks. I’m all smiles now :)

  12. Jason Says:


    If you SSH into /Library/Themes/HomeScreen_2.0English.theme and edit the file LockBackground.html

    Scroll down to where you see body {

    And change “padding: 20px 0 0 0;”

    To “padding: 46px 0 0 0;”

    This will fix the cutoff problem. You may have to play with the number a bit, I’m not sure if it matters what font you are using or not. But 46 worked for me.

  13. Jason Says:

    LOL, actually, there is one other thing you have to do, otherwise, the text is still cut off. There is an image you have to replace. Check out this post.

  14. RDL Says:

    I don’t notice any text cut off so I’m going to skip the “padding” step for now.

    I’m experiencing one other minor problem..I can not get my notifications to show on the screen. They only show on the status bar. I tried putting Notifier Widgets above Homescreen in Winterboard and then the notifications showed on the lockscreen BUT then I lost both my weather and my calendar so that was no good. I can live with my notifications only in the status bar but I’d like to fix it if possible.

    Are u using Homescreen? Everything works for u the way you need/want it to?

  15. Fantom Says:

    I Jailbroke and installed Homescreen2.0/status notifier about a week ago.

    I notice quite a drop in my battery life, and I can’t quite pinpoint why – Can simply changing appearance through winterboard do that (As it does affect load times)?

    The only thing I can think of is that since homescreen 2.0 has updated weather, that that is negatively affecting the battery life by pulling that information in consistently…

    A concrete answer on this would be a huge help…I need to charge almost every day :(

  16. Jason Says:

    Yes, it will. Change the update time to 1 hour, instead.

    Also, I have noticed that if you have any kind of video background, even one that just changes the background every 15 seconds or something, it will eat the battery. Just use a static background for better battery life.

    There was a great article that I believe Saurik wrote on what affected battery life. Some of the ones I mentioned above were on it…can’t seem to find a link to it right now though.

  17. Fantom Says:

    I appreciate the answer, buy have one more question if that’s the case:

    How do you change the update time for homescreen? I didn’t even realize you could change those settings.

  18. Jason Says:

    configureMe.js at the bottom of the file, within the HomeScreen2.0 Theme folder. It defaults to 35min, if I remember correctly.

    Also, if you are using weathericon, make sure and change it to an hour too, using supreme preferences.

  19. Fantom Says:

    Could I trouble you for the location of the configureMe.js file? I’ll be using the iPhone browser from google apps…

    I haven’t seen the file structure in the iPhone since I SSH’d into my old 2g to replace a bunch of sound files, so I’m a bit rusty on where an app like this would be located in the first place, lol.

    I do not use weathericon, so that one doesn’t affect me. Can I set it to something more like an hour and a half or 2 hours to further conserve battery life in the file?

    And once again, this is greatly appreciated.

  20. Jason Says:

    Sure, no problem.


    You have to be root in order to change this file, I believe, so I just Su’ed in, and changed it that way.

    I would think that the less you ping for weather, the longer your battery life…

    Good luck. Right now, Underworld is killing my battery…got to stop playing it so much!

  21. Fantom Says:

    Huh…there’s no reply button on that last comment by Jason, weird.

    I’m not familiar with the term “Su’ed”…if I go in via the google iphone browser (Which to my knowledge does not allow editing of files), could I make a copy of the configureMe.js file on my computer, edit in notepad, and paste it over the original if need be?

  22. Jason Says:

    Weird. Too many replies, I guess.

    SU just means super user, IIRC.

    Yeah, you should be able to just edit the file remotely, then copy it back over.

  23. Jason Says:

    Hey, here is the battery draining article, it was by BigBoss.

  24. johnny Says:

    where is “lock status’ located in cydia? I have all sources but i see no choice for it in there, or in my winterboard

  25. mrmikey05 Says:

    Hey, how come mine show a black wallpaper instead of my original wallpaper? Is there any fix to it? Whenever I turn HomeScreen off in Winterboard, my wallpaper show up again but if i have homescreen on, i get a black background only.

  26. crinkypops Says:

    Hey there! :)

    I was just wondering why after I activated all the Sidebars, I can only see the time and not the calendar, maps, and the weather.


  27. andy Says:

    same here, only see the clock and nothing else work, any idea pls?

  28. jonjon Says:

    Although this has nothing to do with sidebar or homescreen 2.0, i seriously need help with something…I’ve just installed the LUST HD-SD theme on my iphone 4 running on 4.0 and i can’t figure out how to customize the slideshow widget for LUST HD-SD Homescreen mod, can anybody help me out plz?

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