Dec 29

A little while back some rumors were started that the iPhone 3G was going to be sold at Americas Favorite retail store, Walmart Inc. Even though most of You know, i am here to say that is true! I know I’m a little late with the news, but i was on Vacation in Memphis, Tennessee and I saw them at the Walmart there! Its not as cheap as everyone thought, it only has a $2 off Difference, But Walmart is closer than Apple. Plus, you get to leave with it THAT day, instead of waiting for Apple to ship it off. I just thought i would let you know i was back, and that i got to ”Play” with one of these wonderful Phones! It has such a great feel to it. Granted, some may say it feels ”Cheap” it does Lay in your hand as if you were a Cradle. Thanks for reading! More to come!!!

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