Dec 19

This theme is awesome! i love it! To me is has a retro, Metallic Theme to it, But it is simply amazing. I got rid of my Illuminated Theme for it, now that tells you how great this is. ;) It is almost a Complete theme, what that means is it not only changes the wallpapers, but some of the apps too, sadly it has no custom icons. :( Pictures inside!Here are my screenshots of the wonderful Theme.

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5 Responses to “Cydia – Tapir Out of the Blue (Theme)”

  1. Awayze Says:

    Pretty nice this but I don’t like the iPod theme, the play, ff etc, buttons.
    I only want the navigiation bars to change, how do I do it so everything else remains stock,eg, phone, lockscreen, popups etc?

  2. Messymeese Says:

  3. ahu125 Says:

    THX :mrgreen:

  4. Dustin ( aka mrmirror97 ) Says:

    cool! like it a lot!

  5. Ruben Says:


    I really love the theme but i can’t find it anywhere on cydia, though i have more than 30 sources including big ones like xsellize and insanelyi and others.
    I can only find tapir minimal (sucks). Wich source can you get it from?

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