Dec 17

You may have heard that ”iDealsChina” Have uncovered cases for a Smaller iPhone. (iPhone Nano) Now i don’t know if its true or not, it does seem unlikely, but who knows, Apple came out with a iPod Nano, so small technology is possible. Now, i don’t believe it though, cause think about it… The interface would be HORRIBLE! How many times would you have to ”Scroll” on you favorite websites? Now double that! It would be a pain in the NECK! But, if it is true, i think Apple would be much more mindful, Something would have to change, where the screen doesn’t change. Right!? What do you (The Viewer) Think of this? True or False? I want YOUR opinion! Another picture inside!

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15 Responses to “iPhone Nano – Is it True?”

  1. Wesley Says:

    You pointed a very interesting issue: the screen size. There is another problem involving the screen: many apps were made to be used on a specific screen size, I don’t even want to think about what would happen.

    BUT, it could be a different approach, like iPod shuffle without the screen. I’m not saying it wouldn’t have a screen, but I guess no AppStore.

  2. ahu125 Says:

    NO APP STORE! the iPhone with no App Store is like a Monkey with out a Banana! Can happen, but not often. LOL :razz: THX 4 bringing that out :smile:

  3. freegadgets4you dot co dot uk Says:

    as far as I’m aware the iPhone nano doesn’t have Internet/web browsing

  4. asa Says:

    Yes wifi but no 3g

  5. kenken Says:

    Ehm – I pretty sure it will have the same screen resolution regardless of the screen size. So – no worries! :)

  6. g Says:

    i dought this is true , it might be mini touch nano or something

  7. Wesley Says:

    I don’t know how they would do it, the pixel depth on iPhone and iPod touch is already very big, I don’t know how they would make it bigger.

  8. ahu125 Says:

    wait, how do you KNOW? this is all rumors :???:

  9. ahu125 Says:

    wow thats sucks :lol: THX 4 SHARIN

  10. ahu125 Says:

    thats what im thinking :cool: THX4 sharin

  11. mos Says:

    I think iphone should get fatter to have a better battery user experience, more powerful camera, better GPS device, bluetooth, and a really, really loud speaker.

  12. athif Says:

    yep its true, but its a china phone, the touch aint much smooth and no acclo. meter, but the looks, size and thickness is gr8, the software is custom one.

  13. Wesley Says:

    I think a better camera isn’t going to change much the space used, and the better bluetooth is completelly software dependent, so these 2 aren’t a problem.

    I think iPhone OS must get a better memory management, it’s a pain in the ass to run some very consuming games and not crash them easily.

  14. Tom Bonez Says:

    Im guessing u forgot the iPhone once upon a time had no app store

  15. Wesley Says:

    But don’t forget that on that time Installer ruled on any jailbroken device, there were many games and apps that vanished once AppStore was released so technically we weren’t left with no third party apps.

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