Dec 12

OMG! is Apple mad!? This picture on the side is the Apple logo and the Victoria School of Business logo, i want your opinion (The Viewers) Do these logos look the same? I could be Using a Mac (with the Apple logo on it) on Safari looking at this at schools logo, and not even THINK about Apple!!! I think Apple needs to cool their jets! This school is a Technology school, and they don’t even use Macs, they advertise Windows Products. To read more about this iLawsuit take a look at

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13 Responses to “Apple sues school for Logo copyright?”

  1. Cactii Says:

    Today: VSBT. Tomorrow: Granny Smith! :twisted:

  2. g Says:

    it is wrong of them to do this ,
    and how can u not think of apple from that picture , its in the the shape of an apple :mrgreen:

  3. Luketh Dragon Says:

    I think the only thing they’ve got them on is that the leaf is leaning on the same angle. =D

  4. ahu125 Says:

    an apple is a fruit, openly exposed to all, but you fell the way you fell :mrgreen:

  5. ahu125 Says:

    yeah i agree wit you there, the leaf does resemble a little, but the shape is totaly original!!! :lol:

  6. Dogcow Says:

    I think they are right to sue them. If you look at the front of the building:

    and see the connotation then it is obvious that they want get associated with Apple.

  7. Dogcow Says:

    Hmm, I cannot post my link, but try this:

  8. ntrncx Says:

    all the apples belong to apple :P ahaahha

  9. ahu125 Says:

    L :lol: L i can kinda see a resemblance but i dont think its enough for apple to go out and sue! :) THx 4 sharin your ideas

  10. ahu125 Says:

    LOL, me and friend were talking about that, and he joked and said, if you grown an apple tree, apple will sue you :)

  11. mfr17 Says:

    I can see a slight resemblance. And after looking at dogcow’s link I can see how the whole connotation that its attempting to get a sort of Apple-look to the place. I think its hilarious and that the school deserved it!

  12. iMystery-Blogger Says:

    I think the logo looks abit the same but apple has a bitten part, and the school has their own colours on it, other than that it looks all the same from the shape of the apple to the angle of the leaf.

    But kinda harsh for apple to sue.

    Maybe they did the right thing or maybe they didn’t.

  13. shenee Says:

    Hahaha this is absolute BS!!
    Its not like Apple needs anymore money, the greedy bastards!
    Who gives a shit if that schools logo is an apple!

    I eat apples, Apple,, gonna sue me? FUCK YOU!

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