Dec 10

Electric Arts developers are going to release SimCity for the iPhone and iPod Touch Later this month. (As we’ve been told) Now if you don’t know what SimCity is, Its basically a Version of The Sims, but its Not Playing as a independent person, Your controlling a City. Now if you’ve played it before, then you know the layout, and i think it will be interesting to see the way it is made to Navigate.But don’t go thinking this is a Mobile washed up version of it, As we’ve been told its fully functional. There is full features such as Pre-built cites, accountant recommendations, water pipes, natural disasters, ect… You can Zoom in on the game and see the smoke rising from the towers, and the cars driving. Basically its the same as SimCity 3000! Now i had heard a little about the release of this Sims app, but i wasn’t sure due to what i know what the game is, and i didn’t think a small version was possible! But i read Some reviews online and thought, this might be interesting to see! The developers must have worked hard to get this game to work on iPhone, and be the same as the Desktop version. If the rumors are true, i would like to Commend EA Sports for their hard work in this app! What do you (The Viewers) Think of this Game?Â



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4 Responses to “SimCity on the iPhone/iPod Touch”

  1. Teumsevich Says:

    I’ve always loved this game! Urban tycoon was a good warming but not enough…

  2. ahu125 Says:

    i love this game too :mrgreen:

  3. Asitoc Says:

    FYI, Sim City came before the Sims, and since it’s from EA, it will be overpriced anyway. Always liked the game, but not worth what they will be charging us 4 it.

  4. jag Says:

    i love this game, i remember it from the SNES years ago

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