Dec 09

This theme is Really cool! It has a wooden background With wooden Picture like icons “Hung” on the Wall, now i say that because there is a nail that is on the Picture Frames on the icons. Now for the most part the icons are the same, but some have changed. I have Censored the Carrier Name, not cause its bad or anything, It just says someone’s name :) The theme won’t actually change the Carrier. The other thing that changes is the Slider. It becomes a Wooden arrow. This theme really is worth getting. But as for me, i think I’m gonna stick with the illuminated Theme  The Tutorial on how to get this theme below. (Winterboard is needed) 1) Go to Cydia (Let it Refresh)

2) Go to Search, and type in ”TABLET” Click on it.

3) Install for free (Top Right)

4) Go to Winterboard

5) Check it off, and hit the home button.

6) It will reboot and it should apply (any questions leave a comment and i will get back to you)



Written By: ahu125

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4 Responses to “Cydia – TABLET (Theme)”

  1. Gene Says:

    Nice theme but the Illuminated one you showed before is sick because it doesnt mess with the default icons which i like. I dont like searching for icons i want them to pop out at me lol. Also keep up the new theme reviews i rly like them just incase something new comes out.

    Thanks :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  2. Messymeese... Says:

    Lol, what’s the point of “censoring” the numbers?

  3. ahu125 Says:

    Yeah i use that one too :lol: and yes i will keep up the posts! i look at App Store and cydia every hour so when something new comes out, if im not busy, i get right on it!!! THX 4 checking in :grin:

  4. ahu125 Says:

    Well…You see i…..i have a really good reason that……I DONT KNOW!!! LOL i googled this image cause i forgot to take a screen shot when i got this theme, so i didnt want ANY info thats not mine out in the open :lol:

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