Dec 08

Well, by looking at the picture you can tell this is a review on a wallpaper app. This isn’t any wallpaper app, it’s special! What it does, is it shows what time of day it is. The background shows 8PM, so its evening. It goes through 8 stages every 3 hours to make up a 24 hour day. The wallpapers are amazing and the graphics are extraordinary. This is one app you will love. Instructions inside! (Note: You will need Winterboard.)1) Go to Cydia (Let it Refresh).

2) Then go to Search.

3) Type in “Illuminated”.

4) Click on “Illuminated”.

5) Hit INSTALL on the top right corner.

6) Then go to Winterboard and look for “Illuminated” and select it. Hit the home button, and it will reboot. Then you’re done )

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5 Responses to “Cydia – Illuminated”

  1. seven77 Says:

    Nice App m8 ! i like it ! Thank you for keeping this site UP to date !

  2. Messymeese... Says:

    Awesome Winterboard add-on.

  3. ahu125 Says:

    THX, i like your GOOD comments ;)

  4. vito Says:

    Nice one, keep these news comming :D

  5. ahu125 Says:

    THX :mrgreen:

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