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FontSwap is a Cydia app that basically takes your iPhone’s/iPod Touch’s Default Font and replaces it with a Font of your choice. The one you see in the picture is called NeoTech. Now the only thing i don’t like about this app is that you can’t preview your font before you chose it, you have to install it, then re-spring ,and then you can see it. Overall i think this is worth getting :) To see how to get it read more inside. Photo inside too.
How to get FontSwap.

1) Go to Cydia (Let it Refresh).

2) Then Search.

3) Type in “fontswap”.

4) Click on the one that says “FontSwap”.

5) Hit INSTALL on the top right corner.

6) An icon should appear on your home screen, Now you can work with it from here :)

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14 Responses to “Cydia – FontSwap”

  1. toNYc311 Says:

    This is an awesome app. The default font gets so boring. Now I can change it whenever I want. So far NeoTech is my fave.

  2. Wesley Says:

    You can preview the font by reloading the app, just choose the second option and open the app again and the font will be used there.

    Just be careful with “Myriad Pro”, it worked with me but after much trouble of rebooting/resetting/etc.

  3. ahu125 Says:

    @toNYc311 yeah i love this app. you’re right the default can get boring. glad you enjoyed my review :)

  4. ahu125 Says:

    @Wesley i’ll keep that in mind, thanks for checking my posts. please look at the whole site, lots of cool stuff here :)

  5. keith Says:

    this is such a lame post….post on somthing good!

  6. Marque Says:

    This is a good app, but limited on the fonts that can be used. I hope that an update for it comes out with a wider range of choices, like comic sans, simpsons and other more entertaining fonts.

  7. Awayze Says:

    It’s still a bit buggy, it should have been done so fonts can be installed by winterboard.
    The round balck dots when entering the passcode seem to move out from the middle of the white box towards the top.
    The time in the taskbar also moves up a bit. Even if you go back to the default font, the black dots and time are still moved up. Only way to get back to normal is to restore.

  8. Wesley Says:

    Doesn’t seem like a big deal to me, since these dots were never correctly centered in the boxes, and the 3px time padding isn’t that bad at all.

  9. Myiphone Says:

    im — –!!!!! dis — app made my fone to not open ne of my stuff!!! after instlln da app…i was able to preview da fonts with the 2nd option dat said sumn lik “relaunch” so i did dat a few times…but after the 3rd time it wudnt let me c da fonts no more. It didnt let me open ne thing, no messages, no setting, no dialer, NOTHING!!!! SO I TURNED IT OFF N NOW IT ITS STUCK ON DA — PINEAPPLE –!!!…..– SHUD I DO NOW!

  10. girlie Says:

    talk like an adult so that others on here can understand you and maybe help you out.

  11. milllsy Says:

    hey guys ive downloaded fontswap and i change the font n it says install & resping so i do that but nothin happens any ideas wot am doing wrong ppl !!!!

  12. dblo Says:

    agreed, I just made an executive decision to never read anything written like ‘ne1 no y dis style of ritin shud ever b sumn wrth tryin to help wiv?’ That said, I also kind of feel that anyone writing like this is also far more likely to make errors in places where errors are even less acceptable. At least the phone or app can make its anoyance known at source

  13. OscarBossMan Says:

    Try Bytafont. Im using this as fontswap. So far its letting me almost every single font i can download of cydia.

  14. Caryn Says:

    For some reason this wont ipen when its on my home screen ill click on it to open and it will just close out…. Any idea y

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