Dec 02

Well i upgraded to 2.2 and guess what, THERE WAS NO TRANSFORMER APP! if you dont know what the transformer app was, let me tell you it was awsome! it is a app that makes your iPod Touch look like a iPhone! and well, its GONE! Why!? well i dont KNOW why but i can surely tell you i hope it comes back. i think maby it was removed to be fixed. why you may ask? well, it have some bugs. if you remember after you got it it worked fine, but when you turn off your iPod, then the bugs came out. First, the Phone app will have a blank “bubble” on it (Showing a Missed call, but it was blank). Next the SMS app. if you wrote a sms and deleted it, then you closed the app and open it back up, it was still there. so i hope that this is just gone to be fixed, but i will keep yall posted out it. when/if it comes back out i WILL let yall know!

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