Nov 26

As most of you know this feature is already available in the latest iPhone firmware 2.2 but since yesterday also for the iPod Touch. Street View Enabler is only for iPod Touch running FW 2.2 and available in the catergory ““Utilities”” of Cydia through the BigBoss repo.

To use Street View:

Drop a pin on the desired street. (NB. There are not very many streets that Street View will work on yet! So go for a major city.) Click the pin and if there is an orange symbol on the label you are good to go. Click it.


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2 Responses to “Cydia – Street View Enabler (For iPod Touch)”

  1. n00b Says:

    does this make your ipod think its an iphone?

  2. dr. mcninjA Says:

    no. i put it on my ipod touch, and it works beautifully. everything on the ipod still works fine. Just make sure you have 2.2.

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