Nov 23

If we watch the Apple commercials regarding the iPod Touch 2nd gen 1 thing is very clear. Appme promotes the iPod touch as a gaming device! A new reason for this has appeared by the guys from Handheld Games Corp. To optimize their new game TouchSport Tennis they had to compile different versions for every device.

CEO Thomas Fessler of Handheld Games says:

Our first step to increase fps performance was to introduce hardware dependent levels of detail. Where we can easily display two 1500 polygon tennis players with 32 bones each on the iPod touch 2G and maintain fast and fluid game play, the original iPod touch just chokes, and in some instances so do the iPhones. To speed up the touch, we reduced the players to 800 polygons in farther away moments of gameplay, and are now using 1000 polygon models for close ups, bringing the original iPod touch game play performance level close to that of the iPhone 3G. We’ve taken this approach across the board with great results.

To render 3D games the following list shows you what device has the highest performance.

  1. iPod touch 2G
  2. iPhone 3G
  3. iPhone (eerste generatie)
  4. iPod touch (eerste generatie)

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3 Responses to “2nd Gen iPodTouch more performant than iPhone”

  1. Wesley Says:

    It’s true, my 1st gen iPod touch is much faster than my iPhone 3G for instance. Both with OS 2.1.

  2. Andres Says:

    How I know if my ipod touch it is 1st gen or 2nd gen ???

  3. Varman Says:

    Did it come with the AppStore? Also if the WiFi thing at the back is a like a rectangle and is quite small, then its a 2G. And if it is really slim it is a 2G

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