Nov 19

The developers of MCleaner released the latest version of MCallShow. Version 1.2 supports Jailbreak iPhoneOS 2.x. and offer MCallShow Database Editor, which helps you to customize the database.

MCallShow contains 2 parts, the program and the database of a country. You install MCallShow by Cydia first,and then download the database you need.
Note1: MCallShow v1.2 supports iPhone 2.1/2.0.New feature:
1. add more countries database
2. improve callinfo location algorithm
3. improve callinfo present
Note2: Once you purchased,it is free to download the updated database of any country. Updating is totally free to our customers. To those who have purchased version 1.1,you can use the register code to activate the new version.

Functions & Characteristics:

  • Manually search

1. Input the number you want to search into “Find call location info”, and click “Search”, then you can get the city, region, others and country that the number belongs to. In addition, if the number is in your contacts, it will show the name of the contact.
If no information is found about the number in the database, it will show nothing.

2. Click “Local Country”, you can choose the country’s database of the selected number.
However, corresponding database should have been imported into the phone beforehand.

  • Dynamically search

1. Once MCallShow is setup, dynamic search is under operation without manually setting.
When there are incoming call or outgoing call, the region of the number will be shown on the call interface.

2. The regions of numbers in “Recents” will be shown in corresponding “Recent Calls” respectively.

More info: MCallShow

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