Nov 17

Since yesterday there’s a new version of iRealSMS out there – for all of us who jailbroke their iPhone.

iRealSMS comes via Cydia and offers a landscape mode for “everything SMS”, meaning that you can’t only use the iPhone in landscape mode for typing new messages, no, you also can read your conversations with your iPhone held sideways.

Further more you can organize your messages in folders, save drafts, search messages by sender’s name and text. Features, the original (Apple) clearly lacks: character counting, auto-request for “sent-notifications”, turn on/of auto-correction and auto-capitalization.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? The downside: it’s not for free. However, if you, like me, really can’t stand Apple’s, it’s definately worth the 10€ (13€). You can purchase iRealSMS at the project’s website.

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12 Responses to “iRealSMS goes 2.0”

  1. blatz Says:

    Mh i test the the Demo, yes it looks cool, better then MySMS (also not free).
    But the most things can do biteSMS for free.

    Landscape Mode, Forward SMS, Character Counting, Auto Correction off/on,… and you don´t need the credit thing, just go inside settings, change it to “Mobile Carrier” an it works like the normal over your own carrier.

    Darfts, sent-notifications are not implemented those things are nit worth to pay 10 €

    i´ll stay @ biteSMS

  2. Rich Baxter Says:

    I second that. i used to use iRealSMS and it had so many bugs, I converted to BiteSMS and am now very happy it supports Landscape mode. I found out last night that if you have already piad for iRealSMS, you still have to pay for the upgrade to version 2.0! How greedy are the developers? I have also read many people have the exact same problems that pre 2.0 had. BiteSMS all the way for me.

  3. ciccio Says:

    i’ve already paid for the version 1.xx! Why i have to pay for the update?! :evil:

  4. fuhayer Says:

    go on with biteSMS. next version of biteSMS will bring delivery report and smiley support etc…

  5. blatz Says:

    is there are changelog for future versions of biteSMS?
    would like to know more about the updates :smile:

  6. asa Says:

    yes bitesms rules…also one of the first to release and still free…

  7. bladerunner Says:

    Guys, check out the forum, I’ve posted a crack where you can use the app for free

  8. blatz Says:

    add xsellize source in cydia and get it directly :wink:

    but i prefer still biteSMS, it makes all that i need and there is no crack needed

  9. Slimstate Says:

    bladerunner: the crack u have posted isn’t working?
    Plz advice wht to do???

  10. Slimstate Says:

    ur posted crack isn’t working ?

  11. blatz Says:

    here is a working one!
    You have to register first and READ the install instructions.

  12. ck Says:

    wanted to have the crack irealsms

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