Nov 14

MySMS is a new sms application available in Cydia which offers more features (landscape mode, forward sms,…) than the stock application. There are 2 version of MySMS, a Standard ($4.95) and Secure version $24.95).

MySMS Key features:

  • Landscape or portrait SMS.
  • Can set a password to block unwanted friends from getting into your SMS app.
  • Can delete one SMS or a whole thread.
  • Faster loading of app and messages.
  • Enable / disable auto correction.
  • Send SMS to a group or an individual.
  • Send information from contacts.
  • Search contacts

MySMS Secure Key features:

  • Message encrypting with 256-bit AES
  • Safely delete any of your messages from the datebase (MySMS Secure erase and wipe deleted messages that can’t be restored).

The demo version is full functionality, but 20% of messages send take a little longer then usual + 20% of encrypted messages will sent unencripted.

MySMS is available in the catergory “Messaging” of Cydia through the BigBoss repo.

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7 Responses to “Cydia – MySMS 0.8.6-1”

  1. Jimbo Says:

    Great app! Just need some new skins now..

  2. AppStoreMod Says:

    I like it but is there a way to get it free ?

  3. Jimbo Says:

    I tried the crack that’s out, but it didn’t work. So, I bought it for $4.95 and don’t have to chase around for the latest crack after every update. It’s worth the price to me.

  4. Maff Says:

    I installed mySMS on my iPhone 3G, I liked it, so purchase it on net from Mac, receiaved key by email,
    where do I input this key to register mySMS with iPhone,
    I also clicked on the Register button in settings on iPhone and below is what I got from that.
    Warning: mysq1_connect()
    [function.mysq1-connect]: Access denied
    for user ‘isoftru’@’localhost’ 9using password: YES) in
    on line 8

    So at the moment I have purchased mySMS which I’m unable to register,
    If someone could shed any light on what I need to do, I would be extremely grateful.
    Next time I won’t rush in to buy software, I think I’ll hold back for a while.

  5. francis Says:

    I just purchased and waited 24hrs for the key licence , finally received but cannot open the link,. sigh

  6. francis Says:

    can someone HELP..can wait to use

  7. Michael Says:

    How do you delete it completely from your iphone

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