Oct 23

This application turns your device to a multiformat network audio player. In combination with a UPnPâ„¢ AV Controlpoint (e.g. Cidero ) and an UPnPâ„¢ AV Server (e.g. UShare or WMP11 ) , you can control the volume and organize the songs to play, pause and stop etc. Plugin your IPhoneâ„¢ to your stereo and control it through your computer or other UPnPâ„¢ AV Hardware. You do not need to connect your computer to your stereo for listening to music.


1. Download ZIP file (see below)
2. copy all files to the root of your device (IPhone™ or iPod® touch)
3. chmod 755 /Applications/UPnPAVRenderer.app/UPnPAVRenderer*
4. respring or reboot the device
5. Optional: install Backgrounder application form Cydia to send the application to background

Download: Zip file

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6 Responses to “Cydia – IntelligentShare UPnP AV Renderer for the IPhone”

  1. mitch Says:

    what does chmod exactly mean?

  2. chase Says:

    It crashes right after starting up. I installed it via Cydia. I double checked the permissions and did step 3 above, but it still isn’t working.

    No splash screen or anything…

  3. mitch Says:

    reinstall cia cydia updated version 1.1 is out now and fixes this bug

  4. Madnebular Says:

    Can you guys set it up for vista?
    When I start the Program I can find the iPhone via Network as an unpn device. My upnp server via WMP11 is also running, but I can’t find the iPhone with the Cidero app. Any ideas?

  5. macky Says:

    Same issue here. can someone please help? cant find the iphone renderer. windows xp

  6. Sam Says:

    The chmod command (abbreviated from change mode) is a shell command in Unix and Unix-like environments. When executed, the command can change file system modes of files and directories. The modes include permissions and special modes

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