Oct 23

Cylay, from iFonetec, is the world’s first iPhone security product that fights theft, tracks lost iPhone, protects data and information, and controls a lost iPhone remotely.Â

Cylay will arm your iPhone with the following of unique features:

  • Report current user phone number when iPhone is lost
  • Backup iPhone data to Cylay Server or Google Server
  • Delete all of iPhone information when iPhone is lost
  • Find lost iPhone location(3G iPhone only)
  • Report Call history and SMS log of lost iPhone
  • Remotely control lost iPhone: forward SMS, and restore data to iPhone;

System Requirements

In order to use Cylay, you will need:
Jailbroken iPhone 3G or an original iPhone with the 2.0 firmware (or above)
One Cylay account at cylay.com
Cylay dowloaded and installed on your iPhone via Cydia or Installer

How to get Started:

Step 1: Â Register one account for Cylay at cylay.com.

Step 2: Â Activate, login account and edit your profile.

Step 3: Â Install Cylay to iPhone from Cydia or Installer

Step 4: Â Setup Cylay in iPhone Settings

Step 5: Â Test Cylay


Install Sources:

Cydia: http://app.ifonetec.com/cydia

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3 Responses to “Cydia – Cylay 2.0”

  1. andy Says:

    don;t u have to pay for this

  2. bladerunner Says:

    there is a free version and payable version (20$/year)
    If you pay you can clear lost iPhone information via SMS,forward sms,locate lost iphone and get call history of lost iPhone .

  3. bummed Says:

    this doesn’t seem to work,
    there is no way to configure it in SB, or an icon, or anything…

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