Oct 23

Jobs 1.0 is a time tracking and time sheet utility with a focus on being very quick to use. By leveraging the iPhone’s unique abilities and interface, tracking a job is as simple as tapping add job, then pressing play.

Intuitive and lightning fast to use, Jobs offers just the right features to make it a powerful time tracker. Each job features an hourly rate, flagfall, associated client and total time spent on the job, broken up into sessions that are logged every time a job is paused or restarted. For convenience, the hourly rate and flagfall are automatically set to a default rate, but can be overridden on a job by job basis.

Each job can be assigned to a client, and each client can be linked to an iPhone contact, giving instant access to their phone number, email address or other data. The application can track every session spent on a job. By simply pressing play, then pause, Jobs will automatically create a session. Sessions can be manually added, edited and/or deleted as well.

Among Jobs most prolific features is its support for multiple timers. It can ensure only a single job is running, or can run several job timers at once. Users can even choose to keep timers running when Jobs is closed.

Jobs exports as industry standard CSV or as text via email, letting the user easily import into Excel, Apple Numbers, or any other spreadsheet application. It can export single jobs or all jobs for a specific client.

Creating time sheets has never been simpler. Jobs is a perfect complement to any Freelancer, Web or Graphic Designer, Developer or anyone who needs to keep track of their time, particularly during client visits, or working remotely.

Price: $4.99 – 3,99€
App Store link: Jobs 1.0

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