Oct 19

Poptiq is a free app that delivers videos from the internet to your iPod touch or iPhone. Designed especially for iPod touch users, Poptiq delivers videos when you have a WiFi connection (like at home, school, or work) so you can watch videos whenever you want, even when you no longer have WiFi. That’s the cool part.

The amazing part is that Poptiq learns your likes and dislikes and delivers the best videos for you. You’ll no longer waste time searching and instead get to spend more time watching the good stuff. For added fun you can comments on and share videos with your friends on facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

To top the whole thing off since Poptiq gets videos from the internet there’s practically no limit to the videos you can watch. Most importantly no one is picking channels or videos for you.

App Store link: Poptiq

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4 Responses to “App Store – Poptiq”

  1. gabriel Says:

    i cant access this app

  2. George Says:

    Thought id mention its not going to free for long, they are thinking to put a price on it.

  3. jedisolo Says:

    its a great idea. only played with it for a few minutes but looking good.

    It did take a while to install through itunes, it looked like it wasn’t working then all of a sudden the icon appeared.

  4. gabriel Says:

    this is weird..it is the first time i see something like this..i clicked on the link to poptiq above, the appstore loaded and opened a msg like this

    “this app is not available in the panamanian store”

    not fair…


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