Oct 14

Peter Hosey, a developer that worked on projects like Adium and Growl, has created a reference site listing all of the apps that has been killed by Apple. The list contains apps like Nullriver’s NetShare, Noah Witherspoon’s Tris, and Almerica’s Podcaster.

There are different rejection reasons range from “limited utility,” and “defaming, demeaning, or attacking political figures,” even to “duplicating the functionality of a built in iPhone application.”
Here is Peter’s explanation:

This list is only for apps whose removal Apple was involved in. Another developer can threaten you on any platform, but on the iPhone platform, one party (Apple) controls the platform and can remove you for any reason. If that party isn’t involved, that removal doesn’t belong on this list.

If you know of anything that isn’t on the list that should be, you can drop Peter an email at the address listed on the front page of his site.


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  1. Nilesh Says:

    I have a fun take on Apple’s chaotic license regime. Please do read my post about Apple rejecting its own apps! http://www.iphonefootprint.com/2009/03/confusion-at-the-app-store-apple-rejects-its-own-apps/

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