Oct 14

Sillysoft games ported their populare Risk-clone game Lux to the iPhone. The game Lux Touch has a simple gameplay in which you control Bleu armies and you need to conquer the world. Just like you would play the regular Risk. The good news is that the game is free but the developers are also going to release a deluxe version:

The Deluxe verison of Lux touch will feature :

  • more AIs
  • more maps
  • more settings
  • more hot graphics
  • more human players
  • more of your dreams come true

Lux Touch is a mobile version of the popular desktop game Lux Deluxe.

(Direct iTunes link (Free)

Developer Site

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6 Responses to “App Store – Risk-clone ‘Lux Touch ‘”

  1. Krivo Says:

    I was playing that game and it’s really hard to win (I didn’t win yet :cry: ). Anybody else find it hard to play or only I’m lame :razz:

  2. driftingalong Says:

    Lost pretty bad the first time.
    Looked like I was on my way to winning the second time, but the app shut down back to the main iphone screen. When I went back into the app, it started a new game. :mad:
    They need to have it save your progress when you exit the app.

  3. Bevan Says:

    Easy, if you’ve played Risk and understand the strategy. I win 90% of the time.

    1. Fortify after each turn
    2. Never attack with less than three armies on a country
    3. Never try to maintain Asia until you are ready to finish the game (it’s possible to win doing it, just not probable)
    4. Start by trying to control North America, South America, Australia or Africa. I generally go for South America and North America immediately if at all possible.
    5. Cover your borders of your continent with all your men and don’t bother keeping any in the middle country/region/states.
    6. Don’t let your opponents control continents. For instance, if I control North America, I generally try to move in one space into Central America, Europe and Asia and fortify there.

    That’s about it. Follow those rules and practice a bit and you’ll rarely lose at the iPhone free version. The AI isn’t very good — it tend to not attack when it should and doesn’t fortify as well as it needs to.

  4. Blacksheep Says:

    man, anybody knows the source for this game??
    please help me!

  5. trailBlazer Says:

    You might also want to try Virtual Conquest (http://www.twobluecubes.com/virtualconquest), which has more features and lets you pinch to zoom and scroll around. You can also play against other human players. It also has more of the same features coming (downloadable maps, extra AI type etc).

  6. nikolahs Says:

    ok..to win this game its very simple. take over australia before you do anything. its easy to fortify and easty to take over other regions from there. put all your men in the front region(the only entrance point) then simply take over the land that surrounds it. very simple :evil: :twisted:

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