Oct 13

Niklas Wahrman originally developed his game Asterope originally for the Android platform, to compete in the Android Developer Challenge. But the game never got accepted, so he decided to port it to the App Store. Asterope is a game in which you try to protect the earth from being invaded by Androids. Check the video after the break to get a more detailed look.

The game features 10 levels and 3 quick arcade mode games.

Developer Home Page
Price : €2,99 / $3,99
Direct iTunes link

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2 Responses to “Android game Asterope goes iPhone”

  1. Petaa Says:

    Bloody awesome game :D I’m loving every second of it : :cool:

  2. M@RT!N Says:

    Not accepted!? LOL and they were saying that they will be more open than Apple. Oh well we don’t mind more new developers. Keep it coming guys.

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