Oct 11

A new scam has recently appeared in Russia: Fake iPhones. They are often being sold in the manner of something like “Look, bro, I don’t have enough money for my train/plane tickets or whatever, but I’ve got a real iPhone, look the battery is dead but when you turn it on pushing the power you can see an Apple logo for a while, so just charge it, and you have an iPhone!”.

The devices actually do look like real iPhones, but when people bring these “iPhones” into service centers, and they get disassembled, it is then seen that these “phones” only contain two batteries and a light bulb to create an Apple logo shadow when the power button is pressed. It also has a bar of steel inside to make it feel like an actual iPhone.


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7 Responses to “Watch out for fake Russian iPhones”

  1. Jerzy Says:

    god.. guess what korean iphones look like :mrgreen:

  2. gsr Says:


  3. tonyy Says:

    ooo i almost fell for this a long time ago!

  4. snam23 Says:

    FYI, Korean phones are 100 times cheaper, better, and have more features. How many phones in the US have a 5 megapixel camera, touch screen, and has live TV on the go? All for less than $200 and less than $50 a month.

  5. biggy Says:

    great i got to get one a cheap iphone cool :lol:

  6. Shahab Says:

    wow! I’ld like these phones! :mrgreen:

  7. thetrught Says:

    Hey atleast it has copy and paste

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