Oct 11

The guys from the iVDR-Project came up with a pretty amazing “WebApp” to control your Linux-VDR using your iPhone or iPod touch.

iVDR even comes with a pretty cool streaming client.

So how does this work and what do you need? Besides your iPhone (or, of course, your iPod touch) you need a computer running a Linux VDR (Video Disk Recorder). On this box you also need three more things: the SVDRP Plugin, a webserver (apache or lighttpd) and a perl compiler (including the modules HTTP, Socket and LWP).

The installation is as simple as can be. Essentially it is extracting an archive, copying some files, setting some rights. Done.

So what do you get from this?

Once you connect your iPhone/iPod touch Safari browser to the Linux-VDR’s webserver you will be able to

  • Switch TV channels
  • use an EPG
  • program recordings (and playback of recorded shows)
  • a complete remote control
  • a streaming client

And many more cool features, such as favorites, EPG-search, etc.

Lots of screenshots are available on the developer’s website. The site also provides a demo of what iVDR is able to do.

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  1. Slamer Says:

    Nice plugin! I ll try to use it

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