Oct 11

Many of you surely remember the useful application TimeCapsule developed by hc, the developer who gave life to Moleskine . Well a few hours ago HC released Chronus in Cydia, a timecapsule version that is compatible with the firmware 2.X.

TimeCapsule/Chronus will allow you to perform backup and restore settings of your applications installed on your iPhone / iPod Touch.
The options list in Chronus is a little limited at this moment (ex. you cannot take a backup of your Contacts) but the developer is working on this and the missing options will be integrated in future updates.

Chronus is currently available for free but you are limited to one back-up per application and as more features are added to the application, the free version will most likely not include all the features (as it was with TimeCapsule). If you had bought a license for TimeCapsule, your same license key will work with Chronus. However if you want to buy the full version, you can purchase the app for $7.99

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