Oct 09

Apple has now launched a worldwide tour of presentations covering the iPhone application development tools and related technologies. The event is free but space is limited.

Learn about the tools and technologies you’ll use to create great iPhone applications, then work with the experts to optimize your code, refine your user interface, and apply the knowledge you gain from the sessions to enhance the capabilities of your iPhone application.

Developers can register to attend one of the tech talk events online, which will be held in the following cities:

North America
Oct 22 San Francisco
Oct 24 Los Angeles
Nov 03 Austin
Nov 05 Chicago
Dec 02 New York
Dec 04 Toronto
Dec 09 Seattle

Oct 22 Paris
Oct 24 Munich
Nov 03 Amsterdam
Nov 07 London
Nov 10 Berlin
Nov 11 Madrid
Nov 14 Copenhagen
Nov 17 Zurich
Nov 19 Rome
Dec 08 Stockholm

Nov 24 Bangalore
Nov 27 Delhi

Asia Pacific
Oct 30 Tokyo
Nov 04 Singapore
Nov 10 Hong Kong
Nov 19 Sydney
Nov 21 Melbourne

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