Oct 07

The European Union will be looking at legislation that will force device makers to create electronics that will have the battery be easily removable. Apple has, up to now, opted for design aesthetics, making the battery removal hard for the average consumers. Instead, users are asked to have their batteries exchanged or replaced at an Apple authorized service center, through AppleCare, or via the Genius Bar at an Apple retail location. The European Union initiative will make it more eco-friendly so that users will be able to dispose of the batteries properly. Batteries that are thrown away through the garbage may leak into landfills, harming the environment.

According to Gizmodo, because Apple designs products that region-agnostic, the European initiative–if passed–could mean a redesigned iPod and iPhone for all regions. This may mean that users can buy replacement and spare batteries, which will appease many users who are concerned of the battery not lasting through an entire work day and requiring a recharge.

However, Apple may ask for an exception to the rule. Apple already offers recycling programs in place. It could use this as leverage to hold its current position of not offering removable batteries.

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3 Responses to “Will the E.U. Force Apple to Redesign iPhones?”

  1. daren Says:

    yes apple does offer recycling of ipods but not the battery recycling.
    both are 2 different things.

  2. Sharaz Says:

    So where the BATTERIES from the iPods go then? :roll: if they recycle iPods, they have to recycle EVERYTHING in an ipod including BATTERIES :lol:

  3. George Says:

    This kinda sucks for me. I dont think, they will replace my iPhone

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