Oct 06

What may look like Excel at first glance is far from perfect. Spreadsheet shows promise though in that you could do basic calculations using some of the formulas provided (average, median, count, date, etc), and there is cut and paste as well as formatting for those who want to center certain fields or use bold or italics. However, beyond what looks like a visually stunning application, there are a few fundamental flaws that will turn off both the casual user and the advanced users.

Granted that the application is not supposed to be an Excel replacement, but rather a companion to quickly edit information on the go, it is lacking in some core features:

  1. Division doesn’t work properly. If you entered the formula “=b3/b4”, it returns 1 or 0 instead of using the values of cells B3 and B4.
  2. There is no way to quickly apply the same equation down a column or across a row. For instance, in Excel, in the sample spreadsheet (shown to the right), in the total column, I can just drag the right bottom corner of D2 down and it will apply the same calculations of Income – Expenses for all items. Here, I would need to re-enter the formula for each row in the Total column.
  3. Emailing spreadsheet doesn’t always work. Users are reporting that the spreadsheet is shown as lines of code. You can manually export through setting up an FTP or SSH connection, which is more than what the casual user would hope or anticipate on doing.

Visually, the program looks great. Hopefully the developers will allocate more resources to making it function better, beginning with the division issue in calculations. One user on iTunes suggested a lengthy, arduous workaroun for the division issue: use “=POWER(10,LOG10(dividend)-LOG10(divisor))“.

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  1. Walter Jeffries Says:

    Does the update to Spreadsheet fix the =b3/b4 problem? Does it fix other problems? I would really like a spreadsheet program that I can use to work with spreadsheets (order forms) that I have created on my Mac, save as for each customer order while on the road and then archive back to my Mac when I get home after a day’s delivering for our farm.


    Sugar Mountain Farm
    in the mountains of Vermont

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