Oct 06

According to an article on AppleInsider the Cupertino-based firm is well on its way to exceeding its own expectations for 10 million iPhones in the year 2008. Using data from operating systems online from Net Applications OS Marketshare and from IMEI tracking from Mac Observer’s, it is estimated that Apple has sold between 7 to 7.5 million iPhones in the fourth quarter of this year with the debut of the iPhone 3G, much higher than the 4 million analysts had anticipated.

In addition, in the months leading to the sales of the iPhone 3G, the first generation iPhone accounted for 16 bps of Net Applications OS marketshare, with an estimated number of 6 million units sold. By the end of September, Net Applications OS registered the iPhone with 32 bps. Extrapolation puts the iPhone at 12 million units. However, with some users replacing first generation iPhones with iPhone 3G, that number is expected to be higher than the 6 million difference between the months leading to the iPhone 3G launch and September.

Analysts, although typically bullish with Apple, have held conservative estimates with iPhone sales. With a tougher economy going forward, consumer spending down, and a crisis in the financial and credit markets, it is hard to see if Apple can repeat its fourth quarter iPhone sales to end calendar year 2008 strong. As of the time of this posting, Apple stock prices have continued to drop below $90.

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