Oct 06

Only 2 days after the release of Fring, there is already a hack available that allows you to make free calls via the 3G network. Fring has been allowed to the App Store under condition that you can just use it to make phone calls via WiFi networks. But on the Fring forum you can already find the instructions on how to perform the hack.

The method below is not guaranteed, but should work:

1) You must be running a Jailbroken iPhone / iTouch
2) Install original Fring via iTunes App Store.
3) Now SSH into your iPhone / iTouch; remember root / alpine
4) Find Fring.app under root var/mobile/applications
5) To find the Fring.app, you then need to click on the most recently installed folder which will be your original Fring and inside should be the Fring.app
6) On your computer, rename the modified 3g Fring .api to .zip; it will now open in winzip or mac compatible unzipper e.g. zipeg
7) Delete the original Fring.app on your iPhone / iTouch
8) Copy the extracted 3g Fring.app from the zip folder across to your iPhone / iTouch either via the WinSCP (PC) or Yummy FTP (Mac).
9) Now you need to set the permissions. This is easy so please do make it more complcated for yourselves. ALL the files within the 3g Fring.app replacement must be set to 755 (Yummy) or 0755 (WinSCP). You should see all the files being altered as it goes through the process of changing the permissions.
10) When I tried it, it worked immediately after changing the permissions without a reboot but if it does not work then please reboot.


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50 Responses to “Fring hack: Free Skype calls via 3G/Edge”

  1. Nejc Says:

    Oh, yes … I have been waiting for this one :)

  2. gabriel Says:

    only 3g? :evil:

  3. gsr Says:

    can u use wifi also and to Gabriel it say edge , so it must be iphone 2g

  4. gabriel Says:


  5. Wesley Says:

    “On your computer, rename the modified 3g Fring .api to .zip; it will now open in winzip or mac compatible unzipper e.g. zipeg”

    Well… WHERE can I find this Fring.api?!

  6. viru478 Says:

    thanks for this post its working perfectly with 3g connection without wifi
    beautiful work done as we are paying more for data network and cant use more,now it willbe utilized

  7. deflepp Says:

    Hi, could somebody repost the patch here, as it was taken of the site… ;)


  8. fuckhead Says:

    “7) Delete the original Fring.app on your iPhone / iTouch”
    …so this can be done on the ipod touch too?
    if so, where is the Fring.api file??
    i cant find it.

  9. 14 Says:

    once again where is the fring ?? and is it confirmed that it works on edge??

  10. saiyam Says:

    you can just get a patched IPA for fring which will allow calls over 3g, it should work on edge too…but edge is tooo slow

  11. Josh Says:

    Fring patched file for 3g iphone:


  12. sakalli Says:

    that works. thanks!

    btw if you are comfortable enough to use ssh you might also be comfortable enough use scp -r to copy over the file eliminating the need for other applications…

  13. Jash Sayani Says:

    Another mirror: http://digg.com/apple/Fring_Patch_for_calls_over_3G

  14. i gotcha open Says:

    last but not least anther one :)


    big it up big it up ;)

  15. Eduardo Says:

    This isn’t necessary to iPods Touch.

    Cause they don’t have EDGE or 3G, only Wi-fi. And, don’t have mic.

    PS¹: This is my case.

    PS²: Sorry my poor english.

  16. Marco Says:

    Dear all,

    I tried it but I got stuck when setting the permissions. How do you do that? I don’t use WinSCP to connect to my iphone but Total Commander.
    Please help!!


  17. xj Says:

    can somebody help me how to set permission to 755?

  18. alex Says:

    after u download the patch what are the steps

  19. alex Says:

    no 2g patch?

  20. Regi Says:

    I could believe, it works! Great!
    I need to call friends in Japan (from Brazil), and now from my iPhone 3G network through skype.
    Thanks a lot for this tutorial and for all posts (the community makes the world better… … … for users).

  21. tom Says:

    way cool can u please email me the full instructions with all the links in them and some helpful hints addedfor coMplete boneheads, very new to this thing just jailbroke it today, thanks mucho

  22. James Says:

    i did everything i was suppose to do but now after i do a reboot i try and open up fring and it opens but then closes right away. Any thoughts?

  23. James Says:

    you can simply do a chmod 744 fring.app/

  24. wired Says:

    Most probably because you installed new version of fring and then replaced its executable with the hacked one but from the previous version. That’s why it doesn’t work.

    We need a patch for fring version!

  25. wired Says:

    We need a patch for a new version of Fring!

    Or how to install a hacked version as a whole (not replacing one file). iTunes tells me that it cannot be verified and doesn’t install.

    Or how to install .ipa files not from itunes.

    Anyone knows?

  26. 14 Says:

    U need a cracked mobile installation file

  27. wired Says:

    As I said above I’m using a cracked one, but how to install it? If I give it to itunes and sync, itunes tells that it cannot be verified.

  28. keats Says:

    anyone saw the patched version of Fring

  29. Use Fring With 3G, Stick It To Your Provider! | iPhonefreak Says:

    […] Via iPhonefreakz.com […]

  30. wiktor Says:

    Works well on my iPhone 2G. There is a little delay on EDGE, but sound quality is quite good. Thanks!

  31. Keats Says:

    Where? For

  32. piace Says:

    I would love some up to date advice for my brand new 3G iPhone. I am a Skype pioneer but a complete newbie to iPhone. I need step by step instructions to use skype on iPhone please! I have installed Fring but it won’t accept me yet!! :???:

  33. piace Says:

    Thanks :grin:

  34. wired Says:

    Hi piace, do you still have problems using it?

  35. piace Says:

    Yes Its working just fine now. All my contacts from MSN and Skype are listed and they light up when they are online. Ive been fringing like crazy and I’m so happy that I have found this app!!…And this forum :lol:

  36. wired Says:

    Cool! Are you on att? I’m trying to figure out how to get unlimited data only plan. Then I can use skype in/out and don’t pay for voice.

  37. piace Says:

    No I am on vodafone New Zealand and unfortunately they have a monopoly. I am looking forward to some good competitive options for the future in NZ. Using Fring and Skype helps me to avoid some of their overcharging!

  38. wired Says:

    Do you have data only plans that you can somehow use on iphone in New Zealand?

  39. Elliot Says:

    Sooooooooooooo is this only for the iphone???

  40. Mohamed Talal Says:

    Hello Guyz Can Some One Say Some Equal Voip Softs For s6o(6630)Such Like nimbuzz,fring,skypemobile,g-mobile)

  41. mario Says:

    Wow! I can hardly believe all this could happen so quickly. I can now use Skype through my 3G network using my data plan. Thanks a lot for the tutorial and the key file!

  42. wired Says:

    I wish Fring was more stable and worked in background as well as standard calling app. Then we could completely switch to skype in/out for a much cheaper unlimited calling than any voice plan!

  43. sican Says:

    You can make the apps work in the background.
    You just need a jailbroken iPhone, and you have to download the “backgrounder” application from cydia. After that, when you hold the home button, the backgrounder is enabled and the application works in the background! :)

    Simple as that! :D

  44. Ранетки Says:


  45. Ранетки Says:

    Как дела ?

  46. wired Says:

    Превед-превед! Офигенно дела! Как у тебя? )))

  47. Annesh Says:

    Hey, could you please give me a step by step direction on how to go about doing this.

  48. wired Says:

    It’s not necessary any more. There is an app called Tricker 3g for Fring, Skype and other aps that make them think they are on wifi when you are on 3g.

  49. 3d mom incest toons Says:

    eh. good one.

  50. umair Says:

    how can you hack someone skype

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