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I found this a couple of days ago on a site I frequent(pr0x.org), but haven’t had enough time to post about it. It’s currently in beta(a big beta, this is a gigantic project after all). A member named “Your Every Day Hacker” picked up the project from a couple of iPod Touch Fans members, and he decided to continue it. This project is a big nod to iphone developers on Windows, filling the HUGE space left by Apple. Here’s the quote posted on pr0x:

“[BLOG = www.wisdk.tumblr.com]

What is The Windows iPhone Software Development Kit?
The WISDK is exactly what the title says. A port of the regular SDK, just for Windows users.

Will I be able to get my applications onto the App Store?
Very, VERY, VEEERRYYY doubtful. I’ll explain more into this later.

Then what’s the point?
The apps will no doubt work on Cydia and Installer, though. I’m thinking about coming up with something just like the App Store, the App Stand, that applications, when submitted are directly added to.

How will I get the App Stand onto my iPhod?
I believe I may add a jailbreak method on the side [With credit to the creator of whatever method I use] that will also install App Stand. You also may be able to get it from Installer/Cydia.

This is free, right?
Everything. I suppose developers can put a price on an app if they want, but if a price is added it will be checked if the application meets certain requirements.

Limitations? There has to be something on the side…
Yeeaaaap. Not much though. Apps also must meet the original Apple SDK rules. This includes NO PORN, NOTHING MALICIOUS. Anything involving porn will not be tolerated. Anything malicious will be removed immediately. I will have a bot that checks for certain malicious strings of code, and if it finds it it will terminate the process. [THESE ONLY ARE FOR THE APPSTAND. SORRY FOR ANY CONFUSION. ANYTHING ON CYDIA/INSTALLER CAN HAVE ANYTHING.]

I’d love to help you with this project! What can I do?!
The only support you can give is to use this program when it’s released! You can also donate. Donations are on the blog page.

When will this be released
This is the thing – maybe a full release in about 6 months. Alpha should be released in Novemberish.


MakeMyApp – Don’t have any coding knowledge? Don’t worry. You can generate a code for what youve made from the library and the interface. Developers, don’t worry. We know you do a lot of hard work, so this method isn’t going to have as much function as developing it straight from code.

Interface and Library- Create what your app will look like, just by double clicking. Delete objects from the interface, move them┬ŽDo anything.

iAppStandInstaller – The jailbreak method and the way of installing App Stand.

iDev Page – XDC. XenoSoft Developer Connection. Somewhat like the ADC, just for this program and any other programs/apps XenoSoft releases.

-Blog Posts-
I will post the most recent blog posts here.
Link to blog: www.wisdk.tumblr.com.


Should I include something along the lines of Dashcode?
Dashcode is a mac application that allows you to make Widgets/Websites for MobileSafari. Because there are no widgets on PC’s, it will just be fore making websites for MobileSafari. It is very easy to make a GUI and such.
But instead of coding it for yourself, I’m thinking the GUI will automatically code it. It be easier, and a possible hit with WISDK.
You choose. Show what you want in your comments!”

This is a great step in the right direction, and hopefully we’ll see this evolve and actually come to fruition. Developers, I encourage you to download this, beta test, and show your support. Let us know your experiences in the comments.

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12 Responses to “Windows iPhone Software Development Kit (beta)”

  1. Messymeese Says:

    Epic… I feel like some one just injected inspiration into my bloodstream.

  2. asa Says:

    Good Write up! Very good information. You guys are great! :grin:

  3. iambored8907 Says:

    Sounds like a good IDEA but I doubt this will ever fully form. Over the past year I have heard a lot of promises around the community but only about 40% do what is initially planned out

  4. jazir Says:

    i think that this will actually come to fruition. he seems very dedicated to this, and i definitely support it 100 %. only time shall tell though :/

  5. Alan Says:

    They have unlocked 3g iphone :) http://www.chuyeniphone.com/?page=news_detail&NewsID=127

  6. tysiphonehelp.com Says:

    omg this is the greatest project EVER!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I applied. :) Thanks.

  7. Braden Says:

    That is simply another SIM card hack. It’s not a true unlock for the iPhone 3G.

  8. jazir Says:

    no prob :)

  9. some guy Says:

    so when will it be ready :razz:

  10. some guy Says:

    hmmm reply to this one if u reply to that one

  11. Roman Says:

    Hey, so what’s the link? I really need a working iphone emulator on Windows.

  12. Lionel Says:

    The Windows SDK for iPhone : http://wisdk.c.la/

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