Oct 03

The Blinkenlights Team just released the Stereoscope Simulator for iPhone and iPod Touch.
Blinkenlights is a project originally realized in Berlin (2001), then improved for Paris’ “nuit blanche” in 2002 and now being set up in Toronto, Canada. Blinkenlights is about using whole buildings as gigantic displays, using the buildings’ windows as pixels. These displays then are used to show pictures, animations, short movies or even to play simple games like the all-time classic “pong”.
The Stereoscope Simulator for iPhone and iPod Touch will deliver a stream from Toronto, Canda, right down to your iPhone/iPod Touch.
The App even offers to choose between several camera perspectives. The perspective can also be chosen completly freely by using your fingers to zoom in/out (pinching gesture) and pan around.
The Stereoscope Simulator is up for free in the App Store.

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  1. secret Says:

    Awesome project! I wish i could see it live…:-/

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