Oct 02

iPhone deskstands are not going cheap these days. But if you have a little bit of time and a paperclip, you can make a deskstand very easy. Dean from DeanYing.com quickly needed a iPhone deskstand to watch his iPhone movies more comfortable.

Watch the video below and go to DeanYing.com to find a full guide on how to bend the paperclip.

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6 Responses to “The cheapest iPhone/ iPod touch deskstand ever!”

  1. freegadgetboy Says:

    Love it A+ :mrgreen:

  2. Jash Sayani Says:

    Cool. Saw it on Lifehacker ! :smile:

  3. R Says:

    Just made one now! VERY HANDY, simple, and effective

  4. Dardi Says:

    Cool thing!
    I have just made one now.
    It works great….

  5. Team NES Says:

    Nice. Now where did I put my paperclips…

  6. tammy_louise Says:

    Thanks Dean! Very cool of you to take the time to make a template for the iPhone users that want to stand up their phones at their desks. Appreciate it very much…now I am going to start bending my “pink plastic coated paperclip”

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