Oct 02

Yup you saw it right, Chrome is coming to the iPhone. For some this is a cry of joy and for others they could care less. I know that at the initial release of Chrome for Windows I thought it was horrible but i have since found it to be very useful.

If you are thinking what i am thinking, its “but Apple surely wouldnt allow that would they?”.. the answer is no they would not so it looks like they are going to be supporting the jailbreak community. the reason i say they is because i do not believe this is actually google.

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13 Responses to “Google Chrome coming to iPhone”

  1. iFoneGooner Says:

    The clue for me is in the variation of the name google, but then again, I can be incredibly stupid some times :roll:

  2. Jon Says:

    yes but if this was really google they would have made the site start with “google” and not “chromethemes” or whatever it was.. :mrgreen:

  3. 14 Says:

    sounds like its gonna be a safari theme, and definetly not actually from google, either way…

  4. Saeed Says:

    u guys finally posted it, thx god!

  5. Jon Says:

    yup sorry it took so long but i am currently w/o a computer so it is taking a little while.. im not usually this slow as some of ya may know (hopefully :wink: )

  6. Saeed Says:

    lol its ok dude, tyt, btw I guess I found a bug, its a lil annoying, try locking the screen when the ipod app is open and playing music, then press the home button and directly slide, the ipod app will directly minimize.

  7. Jon Says:

    ya i’ve noticed that and it gets on my last nerve.

  8. George Says:

    Doesnt happen for me

  9. golfman Says:

    “others they could care less.”‘
    I think you mean couldn’t care less.

  10. Ivan Says:

    You realize that if Chrome is really well ported to the iPhone, we could be seeing the Android applications that can run inside it on the iPhone as well, right?

  11. Sayam Aggarwal Says:

    Why would google need to place an ad even if it’s adsense…
    Are they poor? ;)

  12. Jash Sayani Says:

    Google already has a browser in AppStore. Yes, the Google Mobile App. It is a search tool which also searches the web and you can browse the web. So all they have to do is- add Tabbed browsing!

  13. Mickey Says:

    Yep, I love it, using it right now. Was just curious if the were realeasing another browser.

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