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wavearsLE is a 3D audio player by Sonic Emotion. The application is also being prepared to be releaesed in the Apple App Store. But as the developers didn’t want to wait any longer to give us this new music experience, they decided to release it in Cydia. What is so special about wavearsLE? wavearsLE plays your music in surround quality much like having a 5.1 headset.

Place your favorite musicians around you. wavearsLE plays your tracks in surround quality so you feel like you are in a live performance. Usually when you put your headphones on, music stays inside your head. sonic emotion puts an end on that. With wavearsLE your musicians appear outside of your head, just like in reality.

What’s more, it synchronizes it with your iPod music library, so you don’t have to worry about uploading music. With great sound, crispy highs and punchy bass wavearsLE is the only music player you will want to use with your iPod/iPhone.


– The only true 3D ‘out of head’ experience with just standard
– Plays stereo tracks in surround sound
– Synchronizes with the iPod music library


Compatible with iPhones and iPod touch
Use with headphones

Please note that on 2.1 wavearsLE currently does not play any format other than wav. This should be fixed in a future update.

wavearsLE (Light Edition) Free Betaversion from CYDIA , will run out at December 31st 2008.

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10 Responses to “Sonic Emotion releases wavearsLE (3D audio player) – Cydia”

  1. maly Says:

    This should be built in with pwnplayer. It would really pwn then :lol:

  2. Jimbo Says:

    Where do you ssh the wav’s to?

  3. Wesley Says:

    They could at least say “File type not supported” instead of “Audio Output Error”

  4. 14 Says:

    not that its nessecary at all, but itd be cool if this or pwnplayer got a visualizer

  5. beez1717 Says:

    The technology that should be ported to the ipod touch and the iphone is srs lab’s iwow as seen here


    check out their demos and see how much better this is…

  6. Mike Says:

    Very nice app, What is the name of the theme that is use?

  7. will Says:

    this app sux and does ABSOLUTELY nothing but take up space

  8. will Says:

    Iphones can’t even play .wav files btw.

  9. Luis Says:

    I do not understand because they have not updated the version of this application and remained in the prehistory of 2.0

  10. Valters Boze Says:

    Here`s how to run it without updating!

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