Oct 01

Podcaster the application that got rejected from the App Store by Apple finally made it’s way on to Cydia. Podcaster is a application that allows you to subscribe, manage, stream and download podcasts directly to your iPhone and iPod Touch. According to many of you this application was high on your wanted list and today you have the chance to get it in Cydia.

PodCaster is not a free application. The developer decided to sell it via Cydia for the price of $4.99! When you install the application and run it for the first time, it will tell you that you have a 14 day free trail. To activate the application, you need to go to NextDayOff and buy a license via PayPal.

The application itself is pretty straightforward. After you see the splashscreen and the trial popup, you can add podcasts by clicking on the + sign, you can see your unplayed podcasts and the downloads.

When you click on the + sign a new menu will open which will give you access to featured, newest, top rated and most popular podcasts. Each of these will allow you to search for podcasts that you normally can find in the iTunes store.

Once you have added a podcast, you can stream it or download it.

Price = $4.99

Download via Cydia

Register via NextDayOff

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2 Responses to “PodCaster released in Cydia!!”

  1. andy Says:

    no wonder apple rejected this app u can’t play most of the videos—-it’s saying that video format is not supported

  2. cadguy Says:

    it works great for me and the support for this app is also excellent

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