Sep 30

The developer Zotyo release his application statusnotifier into Cydia today. Statusnotifier is a iPhone status bar notifier that will show you iPhone mail, SMS, Call and voicemail notifications in your statusbar. The application is almost the same as taskbarnotifier except for the fact that statusnotifier does run on firmware 2.x.

Google Code page

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10 Responses to “Statusnotifier (email, sms, call notifier in the tasbar)- Cydia”

  1. blatz Says:

    :mrgreen: finally my iphone is completed.
    This is one of my most missed addons from 1.1.4!!
    Works great, sure you can use also intelliscreen for this feature, but this is free.
    Thanks a lot to the delevoper for bringing this to 2.x

  2. Las Pecas Says:

    i like the wallpaper. what´s the name? where can i find it?

  3. powersrus Says:

    downloaded from cydia but where is it located on the iphone. Not working for me help.

  4. powersrus Says:

    how do you get it to work? Can you help?

  5. toNYc311 Says:

    I think it just simply starts working after installation. I had a voicemail I hadn’t checked. Right after I installed it I noticed the phone icon in my statusbar. So maybe wait til u get an email, call, SMS text etc and see what happens. :grin:

  6. dbb Says:

    Make sure you have erica utilities and sqlite3 installed both are available on cydia.

  7. Source Says:

    What is the source of Zotyo

  8. blatz Says:

    @ powersrus
    there is no icon or anything else on the springboard, it starts automatical on boot and shows in the taskbar some icons

  9. blatz Says:

    Found this on an another blog written by sandman.

    “For anyone who can’t get this to work, i was having the same issue. Then i installed Sqlite v3. As soon as i installed this, i restarted my iphone, and status notifier was working as expected.

    You need to make sure you have both Sqlite v3 and Erica’s utilities installed for this to work. Erica’s utilities should already be installed (this should automatically be installed when you jailbreak your phone). Sqlite might not show up in packages, if it doesn’t, then do a search for it, install it, then restart your phone.”

    You can see Sqlite v3 only when you change packages from simple to expert, if it is installed.

  10. GertJan » De geslotenheid van Apple… Says:

    […] StatusNotifier is een hele kleine maar super handige app. Hij geeft kleine icoontjes weer in de status balk boven […]

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