Sep 29

ZodTTD is slowly releasing all his game emulators into Cydia. Today i found Mame4iPhone. Mame4iPhone is the emulator that will allow you to play most old arcade games you may remember from the arcade hall. So here is what mame4iphone v0.5.0 consists of:

  • Based on MAME v0.37 Beta 5
  • Although MAME v0.37 Beta 5 is quite old, and I’m not quite sure why it was chosen as the basis for many ports to ARM handhelds yet, it still supports over 2000 ROMs!
  • These arcade game’s date range from the 1970’s all the way to 2000!
  • Sound is supported but disabled by default. To enable it,goto Now Playing and slide the slider for volume up from the off position then start a game.
  • Once a game is started it will ask you to press OK. Use RIGHT then LEFT then RIGHT then LEFT to press OK.
  • Save states are only just being introduced in MAME v0.37, so mame4iphone does not currently support save states.
  • Upon installing a folder /var/mobile/Media/ROMs/MAME/ is already made for you. Place your MAME-titled zipped ROMs in the /var/mobile/Media/ROMs/MAME/roms/ folder.

Link to Mame roms

NeoGeo Firmware

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17 Responses to “Mame4iPhone (play classic arcade titles on your iPhone) – Cydia”

  1. Sayam Says:

    how did you place that iphonefreakz logo on the top? please help

  2. emma Says:

    iphonefreakz now in appstore we have the best game kroll, wooooooooow

  3. br4andon Says:

    everytime i try to play a game it says error requiered filesare missingthe gAme cannot be run do you know what i could do

  4. freegadgetboy Says:

    lol, not playable with sound, good progress though

  5. shan Says:


  6. shan Says:


  7. hi Says:


  8. Sam Says:

    You need to put it into “/var/mobile/Media/ROMs/MAME/roms”

    Also, for the guy not being able to get his game to work; you may need a .chd file for it.

  9. yawuz Says:

    all roms are contain missing file :( i was try 30 all error :'(

  10. Mr. Poopie Pants Says:

    Many of the ROM sets that support the current versions of MAME, do not work on the MAME4iPhone because MAME4iPhone is based on a very old version of MAME. (MAME .37beta5.) You’ll need to dig up your OLD rom files from a long time ago. I kept a set that worked on MAME .36 and so far all the ROMs work on MAME4iPhone.

  11. PhoneFreak Says:

    holy cow .37? That is years old!

  12. andy Says:

    I’m hoping that someone will update the version of mame used, and make the sound work without it glitching it. Great progress though.

  13. CFascf3 Says:

    How stupid to put playstation buttons graphics for arcade games?

    Those buttons should be red, blue, green, yellow!

  14. jake Says:

    What is a .chd files?

  15. jake Says:

    Can u share that website which the ROMs can work on the MAME on iphone pls?

  16. john Says:

    how do i get games/roms in my iphone i know i put them in “/var/mobile/Media/ROMs/MAME/roms” but how do i do that? can i do it from my phone or do i need my computer?

  17. Sun_0f_dog Says:

    Get you an app like ifile… If only there wa someone badass enough… Someone to post up .36 or .37 roms, in a rar, on mediafire= no more probs..

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