Sep 29

Well, it’s finally here. Stack 2.0 has been released in Cydia. Stack is an application that mimics the Stack feature in Mac OS X Leopard, making your icons stack up in the dock. So far, it works as advertised, but a few improvments are needed. Overall, however, it proves to be a very useful application. It’s also very user-friendly.

To add an app to the Stack, just drag it into it. To remove it, simply drag it away. You can use the stack display or grid display. You can also use a curved stack.

However, it doesn’t look that well if you’re using a five-icon dock, and it is sort of confusing at first to use, because the application icons themselves do not vanish from the screen when they’re added to the stack, so they’re on your screen and in the stack. It also is sort of hard to hit the Settings button without hitting the bottom icon, if there is one under it.

It still works very nice and looks great. Here are some screenshots:

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23 Responses to “Cydia- Stack 2.0”

  1. 14 Says:

    IPAinstaller, is that just installler renamed??

  2. Braden Says:

    No, it’s a cracked app installer. I try my apps before I buy them.

  3. 14 Says:

    yeah I was just thinking bc ik u can install cracked apps from installer, I do it. But is ipainstaller like an app in cydia

  4. Taylor Says:

    how did you have more than 2 icons on the dock?

  5. asa Says:

    How about writing a help guide for the IPAinstaller? I have seen it but never tried it out!

  6. 14 Says:

    I didn’t even know about it, but it’s sounds usefull a guide would be great

  7. Braden Says:

    I put them there…

  8. Braden Says:

    It’s not an actual installer. It just uses WebKit to display a web page that has the apps on it. Then you download them using the download plugin. Then just press the install button.
    I’m not going to tell the source because it’s a private repo. But you might be able to find it somewhere.

  9. asa Says:

    I have the repo…but never understood how to use the IPAinstaller…

  10. asa Says:

    As far as this stack program goes I think it would be 100% cooler if once you put them in the stack they would leave your springboard. If not, what is the use??

  11. asa Says:

    However, maybe you can stack them and then poof them…I will give it a try

  12. Taylor Says:

    may you explain? because it only allows two app and the stack. Thanks

  13. Braden Says:

    I’m not sure how to explain it any better. I held down the icons until they wiggled, and placed them in the dock. Mine allows as many as I want up to five in the dock. It may not look pretty, but I can put them there. I’m not sure why it won’t let you put more than two.

  14. Floyd Says:

    There is a better one than tat ipa installer

  15. moe Says:

    I miss badges on the icons and it would be cool if you can order the icons in it and the stack should be an icon itself!!!

  16. lawsangel Says:

    why do my posts keep getting removed? was there something wrong with the tutorial?

  17. me Says:

    i have a tutorial on how to do it but my posts keep getting removed :evil:

  18. moorken Says:

    can you try posting it again please? :(

  19. Ben Says:

    I everything off the stack, now I can’t get anything on it. Any ideas? I already uninstalled it and reinstalled in (twice). I’ve tried to drag icons onto the dock itself and just above it…

  20. Ben Says:

    That should say I moved everything off the stack

  21. Danchez Says:

    i have the same problem!?! i tried everything…how to fix this problem?

  22. quasi Says:

    me too!!! i re-installed it but its still not working! i really wanted to stack my finder!

  23. Trace Says:

    I just had to restore my iphone after installing this app. I got the sad iPhone face and my phone was put into safe mode and nothing short of a restore would fix the problem! Beware

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