Sep 28

A few days ago we posted a list with developers who are offering their applications for a lower price or even for free for a define period.
Well Today we have a new list with free apps from the App Store

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4 Responses to “App Store deals 28/09/08”

  1. Michael B. Says:

    The ICube link is wrong!

  2. ephemeral Says:

    The iCube link links to the Medical Calculator app too.
    Could you guys fix it please?
    I would love to have iCube for free, and when I search for it on the AppStore it says it costs 0.79€
    Thank you!

  3. me Says:


  4. bladerunner Says:

    sorry guys, the link has been fixed.
    as mentioned in the post, iCube was free for a limited period, but apparently that period has passed now.
    Post has been adapted also.

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