Sep 27

Ever since the App Store started, one of the biggest complaints from numerous individuals was the fact that many people were leaving reviews for applications without even purchasing them. This led to inaccurate reviews left by people who actually had no right to be reviewing it without trying it. However, Apple has put a requirement now that users wanting to leave a review must now have first purchased the application.

I think this will definitely help get more accurate and mature reviews for applications, rather than the very immature and half-baked reviews that are on every application now.Â

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6 Responses to “Purchasing now required to review an App Store application”

  1. Pyri Says:

    Thank freakin’ god… I’m so sick of those f’ktards messing up a 4-5 star application with 1’s and 2’s. At least we’ll get honest reviews from people who actually use the damn things now. Let’s hope it lowers the flame wars as well…

  2. George Says:

    do you think this will work for cracked ipas?

  3. Zack Hébert Says:

    no =| Cracked apps are great to have, but they’re pretty much like playin’ Runescape on a private server void of all others; i’m happy, I haven’t bought a single thing from iTunes in years. Yay fer seeqpod and google!

  4. joh Says:

    all Apple has to do is reset all reviews

  5. Apple wijzigt reviewbeleid in App Store > Nieuws > Says:

    […] Via: […]

  6. scott Says:

    Although one side-effect is that if an app improves I can’t update an old review. Also today I couldn’t write reviews even for apps I did buy.

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