Sep 26

Recently, Apple seeded a beta firmware 2.2 to developers. There hasn’t been any features added yet, but the Safari interface has changed just a little. Read the full post by clicking the read more link.The google search bar has been moved to the very top right now, instead of just showing when you bring up the address bar to type. The magnifying glass is now gone, and the refresh/stop button is inside the address bar at the far right. Take a look for yourself:


Photos courtesy of MacRumors.

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4 Responses to “MobileSafari’s interface receives a change in beta firmware 2.2”

  1. freegadgets4you Says:

    dont think i like it!!
    just takes up more room, no?

  2. Wesley Says:

    They should rethink the bottom bar, it’s too big.

  3. d Says:

    NOOOOOO. I’m thinking apple would free up space is safari , Get those bar out the way or make them smaller it takes to much screen space.

  4. gabriel Says:

    magnifying glass gone? but i love the mgnifying glass.. :mrgreen:

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