Sep 25

Well the time has finally come, Rip-Dev has released an update to Installer. I know many people have given up on Installer and turned to Cydia but this has added a lot of improvements (but also a few bugs).

The new update fixes a lot of bugs (theyve only been working on it for a month, what’d you expect) and also adds that ability to resume file downloads. The most popular front page is also now a “real” most popular front page. One bug it does have though is that when you go to the homescreen it shows the little red badge with a zero on it (which gets on my last nerves), and it may just be me, but my phone also seems to be a bit slower. You can read up on what Rip-Dev had to say at their Installer 4 blog.

They also released an update to Community Sources that just changed them around, removing uneeded ones and changing modmyifone to modmyi. They do hope to bring a real Installer 4 release soon.

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18 Responses to “Installer 4.0b8 release!”

  1. popimpg Says:

    Screw installer!!!!!! They let the whole iPhone Community down. I;’m with saurik and cydia, thats the future!

  2. davep Says:

    is there anyway to fix teh 0 bug, maybe a hack in ssh anyone have any ideas

    Thanks all

  3. Hellriser Says:

    Yeah…im tottaly with cydia right now no problems but they need better repos! lol

  4. iFoneGooner Says:

    Personally, I think they should bury Installer with full military honors and move on. I would not dream of moving away from Cydia now – and me a installer only guy when I was on my 1.14 8 gig iphone!!

    Cydia rules the Universe now guys, live with it :shock:

  5. KenC Says:

    thanks for confirming that the red circle with the zero on my Installer icon is a bug after upgrading….I was gonna restore my iPhone because I thought something got corrupted….

  6. Jon Says:

    ya this is another obvious bug and im looking to see if theres a way to fix it but i doubt it. the only way that would seem to fix it is to delete the badge.png since it doesnt check for package updates in the background anyway theres really no need for it.. although i dont recommend it because it could mess with installer somehow.

  7. Braden Says:

    Haha. I agree. Cydia has advanced quite nicely recently. Installer, if it has not already, is beginning to fall way behind.
    I also only used installer on 1.1.4. I guess times change. Not that I’m upset. :razz:

  8. iambored8907 Says:

    Installer is completely unusable (compared to cydia), and the ONLY reason I even have it installed is because Kate (it is made by ripdev) is only available on it. I wish I never paid the $40 for the software, since saurik has found was to do it free.

  9. 14 Says:

    yeah the red circle is getting on my nerves as well

  10. toNYc311 Says:

    There is another problem I have been having with Installer. It’s been going on since the previous version and precious firmware. I’m currently on 2.1 iPhone3G.

    The problem is the respringing process. I install/uninstall an app and when the springboard resprings it takes 3 MINUTES+. I get the spinning wheel and the phone chirps then the wheel keeps spinning. Then as it’s respringing it resprings again!!! This process seems like the phone is stuck but eventually it reverts back to the Home Screen.

    It makes me not want to use Installer at all. Even with this update I’m still having this problem and now the über-annoying 0 badge. Luckily the theme I’m using it doesn’t bother me too much. But anyway is anyone else having this problem with app install/uninstall on Installer?

  11. Forrest Says:

    One thing that I have noticed that realy bothers me more than anything else on installer is the new multi task idea. The idea of this is supposed to be so you can browse through apps while one is installing and extra. Anyway this always freezes my iTouch (8gig). The iPod attemps to reboot after I force it to and will freeze when booting up. I have had to recover my Ipod countless times and most of the times it’s because installer screwed something up. I thought the intaller in 1.1.4 was much better. Something similuar to that would be great in future updates.

  12. secret Says:

    installer is past. Cydia is awesome! Keep it up Saurik! :lol:

  13. davep Says:

    anyone have the solution to removing that darn red circle besides poof:)

  14. iFoneGooner Says:

    Hmmm, curious about this ‘red circle’ just up-dated my installer (why I keep asking myself) and I do not have the issue you guys do!! I am on mac system, 3G iPhone. Are you guys on windows? Would it make a difference?

  15. Sasha Says:

    I’m having the same problems with installer and just stopped using it. Does anyone know how to uninstall it and if it’s only possible through ssh which files to delete?

  16. fishbone Says:

    I have also updated Installer and now the red badge with ZERO on it appeared on the Installer icon.

    I asked them about this issue and they answered that Rip Dev will fix this issue with next release.

  17. Ch0sen1 Says:

    your not the only one toNYc311. I jailbroke mine and then went to install Community Sources and all of a sudden I get this spinning wheel for like ever and nothing changes.
    So I go back into ‘recovery mode’ and do the process all over again as if i was the first time I jailbroke. Installer blows and Community Sources does the worse to your iphone.
    I’ve tried 3 times as if I’d learn the last 2 that Community Sources junks your jailbreak.
    CYDIA all THE way!!!

  18. Ch0sen1 Says:

    me 2 Forrest. Like i told toNYc311 “Installer blows”. I’m on an 8gb iphone 3g / 2.1, I tried to install Community Sources via Installer and soon as I hit the home button the spinning wheel of death comes out for a long minute and keeps putting me into a mode that beeps but doesn’t show anything.

    So I go back into “recovery mode” and do the process all over without the Community Sources. I’ve learned after 3 tries that it does NOTHING, but mess up your i(whatever you got)*.

    CYDIA is KING!!!

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