Sep 24

Saurik, the developer of Cydia, Cycorder, and many others, has successfully ported the old MobileFinder from 1.1.4 and earlier, to the 2.0+ firmwares. The MobileFinder in the App Store can be modified to browse the file system, but is crippled since it does not run with root privileges and can do no more than explore. This MobileFinder works great, with few bugs.

This application is probably the app I’ve missed most of all from my 1.1.4 jailbroken iPhone. There has been no file browser so far for jailbroken 2.0 that could copy and paste, and that’s one of my most needed features. I have encountered only one bug so far, and that is that your settings are not saved when you exit the app. If you choose to enable system file access, you must enable it again the next time you start it up. It sounds like a permissions problem, and could probably be easily fixable. If anyone finds any more bugs, feel free to post them in the comments. Here are some screenshots:

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14 Responses to “MobileFinder from 1.1.4 ported to 2.0 by Saurik”

  1. iambored8907 Says:

    MobileFinder was always the first thing I installed pre-2.0, but since then I have been using iCommander. It works great for changing permissions but idk if it did c/p. That never seemed to work well with me in MobileFinder. But I am glad saurik ported it over. I think he is now the #1 3rd party dev (individually speaking)

  2. toNYc311 Says:

    I’ve been using the App Store MobileFinder 1.0.0 on my iphone with root access for a few weeks now. It’s tricky to get it to work but once it’s fired up it works great. I can copy/paste, move etc etc…I use MobileTerminal to set permissions, etc…

    The only problem I have encountered is the memory issue. It closes when I have it open for a while back to my root Home directory. But it works awesomely otherwise.

  3. jazir Says:

    saurik is quickly becoming the top dev for the jailbreaking scene. i wish he and bigboss would team up for some great freeware release, that does something amazing for the phone, that wouldnt be allowed in the appstore. i kinda wish he had done filebrowser instead, since that was a much better program, but im sure he’ll work on this to get it up to par.

    im still expectin releases from you guys yourselves, dont dissapoint :razz:

    i can link to the windows toolchain if u need it braden, i emailed it to jon already(dunno if he set it up though)

  4. Braden Says:

    Really? Can you share how you got it to work?
    But the MobileFinder in the App Store can also not follow sym links. That aggravated me having to go to /private/var/mobile instead of just /var/mobile. :razz:

  5. Rick Says:

    is there a way to set the Finder to explore my whole filesystem?

  6. Dave Says:

    I really wish it would have some kind of bookmarking system so that I could bookmark folders that I use often, instead of having to navigate through all dirs.
    Other than that it’s really quite good.

    @Rick: Yes, enable “System File Access” in the settings.

  7. Braden Says:

    You can. Find the directory you want to bookmark, and click it once to highlight it. Then click Create at the bottom, and then Bookmark. Bookmarks are accessed by tapping the button with the Apple logo in the top right, then double clicking Bookmarks.

  8. toNYc311 Says:

    I got my info from the forum. The user that posted the tutorial is “ElTres”. It’s kind of hard to understand because I don’t think his first language is English but I figured it out and got FULL ACCESS with the AppStore MobileFinder 1.0.0. I’m not too sure if this works with v1.0.1 (the latest version in the AppStore right now). The tutorial is pasted below. If you want the direct link you can simply Google it. :wink:
    Courtesy of ElTres from forum:
    OK, I’m not 100% sure this will work for everyone, please let me know. And it is my first tut, so: do at your own risk.

    This tutorial will allow MobileFinder to access all your documents, copy them where you want, create and delete and pipao.

    What you need:
    1. An iPod Touch (or iPhone) on 2.0.x jailbreak
    2. MobileFinder form AppStore
    3. Either OpenSSH on iPod and a SSH program or Terminal on iPod from Cydia

    What you do:

    1. SSH into your iPod or start Terminal
    2. type cd /var/mobile/Applications
    3. type ls *
    4. find the folder (XYZ) with
    5. type cd XYZ
    6. type chmod 777
    7. if you use Terminal, type su, then enter your root password (alpine)
    8. type cp /Applications
    9. if you made links in the Documents folder before, delete them!
    10. type mkdir /var/mobile/Documents
    11. type chmod 777 /var/mobile/Documents
    12. cd /var/mobile/Documents
    13. type ln -s / root
    14. type ln -s /var/mobile
    15. on your Springboard, go to “wiggle” mode and delete MobileFinder
    16. restart your iPod, there you go!

    Please let me know if it works for everyone!

  9. toNYc311 Says:

    I sent Sauric an email a while ago almost begging him to create a Finder or FileBrowser for 2.x.x. He never got back to me which I thought was weird because he always replies. But then I can see why… He was busy porting MobileFinder 1.1.4 LOL. SWEET! Only now I have the AppStore version running and working with FULL ACCESS to my iphone 2.1 filesystem.

    I am still very grateful though!! I’m pretty sure he was working on the port well before I emailed him anyway. And I’m sure that at some point I might just want to use the old MobileFInder anyway haha! So kudos Saurik if you’re reading this and THANK YOU SO MUCH! :grin:

  10. Todd Says:

    Well a bug i found is that when i go to send to email it goes to email like its going to work and then file does attach . Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix?

  11. Rick Says:


  12. sAmA Says:

    Yeah I’ve had that problem. 2 things to check:
    1. make sure you’ve got the attachment-mailto: fix from cydia.
    2. DISABLE INTELLISCREEN!!!! – I spent ages expecting it to work and that was all that was preventing it from attaching the file!

    All the best

  13. sAmA Says:

    Woops the reply above was meant for u Todd

  14. jazz Says:

    will he be porting to 3.0 ?
    i used this to email my recored vids to my gmail and now i cant :<

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