Sep 24

Steve Demeter who some of you may remember as the guy who offered a demo of his Trism game first in the jailbreak community, made about $250,000 since he started selling his Trism game (priced at a 4,99$) 2 months ago. That’s a net earning after Apple has taken its 30% cut of total sales, and after subtracting his initial investment of about $5,000.

Steve has now decided to work exclusively with Apple and doesn’t wanna hear about other platforms like Google’s Android.

The comment he gives about working exclusively with Apple is :

“Do I want to be spending 6 months to write the game, and another 6 months making it compatible? If I had Trism available for Android, and there are 50 Android devices and every time one of them crashes (the users) contact me, do I want that?”

Steve Demeter has now quit his dayjob and is looking to hire new people to add to his existing team of 4. For now he’s working on 5 more iPhone games.

Direct iTunes Trism link

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2 Responses to “iPhone Developer Made $250K From App Store In Two Months”

  1. Jimbo Says:

    Anyone out there that can design games? Let me know.

  2. LEARNERS Says:

    Awesome….Rock on !Congrats!!!

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