Sep 24

Some of the iPhoneFreakz readers may remember the application Stack for the iPhone. Steven Troughton Smith, the developer of Stack, updated his blog with the news that Stack will soon be released in Cydia and it will be compatible with firmware 2.X.

In his article Steve describes all the issues he had with making Stack compatible with firmware 2.X. It’s actually a very intresting read if you like to see how a developer tackles all the technical difficulties Apple provided in firmware 2.X. But now back to Stack 2.

The highlights of Stack v2 are:

  • Dynamic drag&drop
  • Compatibility with WinterBoard themes
  • a Mac ‘poof’ animation; a puff of smoke.

For all of you who don’t know Stack it’s basically an application that mimics the “stack” of Leopard, that lets you combine multiple applications in the same position.

Some screenshots to give you the global idea:

Original Article

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4 Responses to “Cydia – Stack coming for firmware 2.+”

  1. 14 Says:

    I CANNOT WAIT, so which is the best app for making springboard speeddials

  2. Wesley Says:

    It would be nice if the stack was animated by the accelerometer.

  3. Mack Says:

    HA I’ve been using Stack on my iPhone (firmware 2.1) for about 5 days now…I was the first and only person to test it. Man do I feel special ;-)

  4. los Says:

    Mhh Mack fake?? UploAd .deb file :D

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