Sep 23

Some time ago I brought you the news that Skrew (danstaface) is working on porting his very popular app vWallpaper to firmware 2.*. I had the privilige to beta test the vwallpaper application and it’s almost ready to be released on a global level. What’s new is that Eric (Skrew) has also started to port his RingTones application to firmware 2.* !! Now this is something i’ve been waiting for! For now no release dates are available but keep tuning back to see the updates.

Skrew also posted a movie on his website of what’s possible with vWallpaper if you are a little bit creative.

Skrew’s blog

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5 Responses to “RingTones and vWallPaper going firmware 2.*”

  1. Marque Says:

    Will this clash with winterboard? or will it work along side with it ok?

  2. Marwan Says:

    coooool :mrgreen:

  3. Mack Says:

    haha I have been using this app for over a month now :cool:

  4. Bez Says:

    Any news on vwallpaper app for 2.1 yet?

  5. stonee Says:

    What video format does vWallpaper is belonged to? They are .mov, .mp4, or Motion JPEG (M-JPEG)? Could I create a video of .mp4 like vWallpaper for my iphone 4 with video converter which offer edit option for users like ifunia hd video converter(not handbrake)? What I want to say can I use .mp4 video as wallpaper just like vWallpaper have done.

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