Sep 22

Kevin Rose, the notorious blogger who started digg is back with some Apple Related news. This time he talks about iTunes 9 and the possible new features. As i recall Kevin seems to have some good inside sources with Apple as he nailed it with the new iPod Nano and iTunes 8. This time he’s not predicting any new features but he just puts some random ideas to the test. Check the vid after the break.

iTunes 9 Ideas

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4 Responses to “Rumors – iTunes 9 features”

  1. phunkysai Says:

    Those aren’t rumors, those are ideas for what he wishes were in itunes 9….

  2. anonymous Says:

    I just want a feature that in Itunes, when i right click any application, it is able to download and update to the latest version. Currently, we do updates of apps and games through our iphone. But if we can do it in iTunes, wouldn’t that be better?

  3. M@RT!N Says:

    Of course you can do it through itunes. In the applications window at the bottom right is a button “check for updates” it checks and if there are updates it asks you if you want to download them. Then next time you sync your iphone it updates the app.

  4. anonymous Says:

    they do have that in itunes. you hit the check for updates button and it will show you updates.

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